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Welcome to my podcast, "Silent Presence."  Why the name, "Silent Presence?"  To me, "Silent Presence" means many things. There is a moment in everyone's life when they just need a person to listen. No talking, no reasoning, no opinions...just to be present to listen. Let me tell you...I've been there many times, especially this past year. December 3, 2018 at 2:25am my life changed forever and ever since, I have been fortunate to have people in my life who continue to support me through the most devastating moment in my life. This was the day that my son passed away from an accidental overdose. Mental health and addiction are subjects that most people don't talk about to their family or friends. They're afraid of what someone will think or say so they remain silent. With this podcast, I hope to help break the silence and rid the stigma that exists today. The Silent Presence Podcast will allow others to share their personal stories of addiction and mental illness and how it affected them. It will provide a platform for other's to speak candidly about their own personal experiences. The podcast will also introduce listeners to a variety of experts in the field who will provide valuable information to those who are grieving or dealing with addiction or mental illness in their own lives. This podcast is a way for me to personally work through my own grief and help others along the way. It's also a way for all of us to develop new ways that we can begin our own journey of moving forward. Thank you for listening.

Rich Patricia, silent presence podcast, mental health, grief, loss, addiction, hope, opioids, love

About the host

Rich Patricia has been working in the television, radio and digital media industry for over 32 years and has been a high school communications and film teacher for 23 years. He received his Bachelor's degree in Communications from William Paterson University and his Master's degree in Science and Classroom Technology from Wilkes University. 

About Bailey

My Silent Presence

Bailey is my son (my angel) who passed away on December 5, 2018. He enjoyed family, friends, sports, fishing and the outdoors. He had the kindest heart and always put others before himself. His battle with depression eventually led to addiction as he used it as a form of self-medicating. Bailey will be remembered by many as a person with the biggest heart in the world. This podcast is dedicated to my son and to all of those who are suffering from addiction and mental illness. 

Podcast Episodes

Silent Present Episodes

Episode 1

Episode 1

Episode 1

Silent Presence Podcast guest, Ed Kressy. Former addict, recovery, fbi, opioids, drug, mental health

My guest, Ed Kressy (former addict) is currently a volunteer for the FBI and Police Department of San Francisco where he helps those who are affected by incarceration and addiction. He often volunteers many hours in California state prisons for organizations that deliver training and entrepreneurship and employment for currently and formerly incarcerated individuals. For more information about Ed or to purchase his book, you can visit 

To hear the full podcast click here:

Episode 2

Episode 1

Episode 1

Silent Presence Podcast guest, Alison Pena, talks strategies for living powerfully. Loss, grief

Alison Pena, an international speaker, life legacy consultant, author of "Grief, Navigating the 3 levels of loss" and creator of "The Affluence Code," shares her insights, experiences and strategies for living powerfully. Alison was married to her husband David for 25 years. When he was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was given only a short time to live, they decided to live fully every minute of every day. 

Alison Pena can be reached at where you can receive 1 on 1 Bad Widow consulting and take a Free Living (Really Living) After Loss Assessment and learn where you stand on healing from within, reinventing yourself and rebuilding your supportive community now.

Episode 3

Episode 3

Episode 3

Silent Presence Podcast guest Marquita Myrick discusses mental health, stress, covid-19, anxiety.

On Episode 3 of Silent Presence, Marquita Myrick discusses mental health, stress and coping methods during Covid-19. She provides tips for teachers, students and especially parents during this period of time. Topics include dealing with grief and the importance of keeping open lines of communication with family and friends. Some other topics discussed are depression to managing stress and anxiety, addressing trauma, life adjustments, coping after grief and loss, motivation, self-esteem and confidence, and career related issues (especially burnout). My guest, Marquita Myrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mindset Coach and creator of the “Breaking Mindset Barriers for Professional Counselors” coaching program. She is dedicated to assisting counselors in reigniting their passion through burnout recovery and mindset transformation. By creating safe spaces for persons to heal, Marquita has assisted hundreds of individuals in improving their mental health and now focuses on supporting counselors in removing limiting beliefs that hold their passion hostage.   


Link to "The Freedom-Craving Woman's Guide to Burnout Recovery: 5 Signs Blocking Your Healing":

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Episode 4

Episode 3

Episode 3

Silent Presence guest, Larry Camp talks loss, addiction, religion, grief, recovery and mental health


Larry Camp is a former TV anchor, podcast host, author and public speaker. He talks about his upbringing in the Mormon religion and complicated past, the tragic loss of his son and family struggles throughout his life. He considers himself an average guy with a not-so-average life. You’ll learn about his difficult life and how it is to survive in this chaotic world. Larry talks about how to remain optimistic in a pessimistic world and how to address life’s common and uncommon dilemmas. His goal is to leave those who hear his message with an attitude and desire to accomplish hard things.

Larry spent 22 years in corporate America in the quick oil change business with responsibility for over one hundred locations and over one thousand employees. He considers himself a professional motivator with the ability to instill a WANT TO rather than a HAVE TO attitude to the task(s) at hand.

In his book, “Nobody Knows, They Just Want You to Think They Do,” Larry takes you on a journey through his life, his own unique experiences, and resolutions that he believes readers will find helpful. His book is available on his website,  You can also listen to his podcast, “Nobody Knows Your Story,” at

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